Frequently asked questions

1. What is Alliance Water's objective? 

  • Share resources and technology to extend current supplies
  • Manage future need by supplementing the current supplies of Alliance Water Participants with groundwater from the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer
  • Achieve economies of scale and own water facilities instead of being someone's customers 

2. Who are the Alliance Water participants? 

  • The cities of Buda, Kyle, and San Marcos and the Canyon Regional Water Authority

3. What is a Regional Water Authority? 

  • A political subdivision created by the Texas Legislature
  • May develop water supply, transport water, and/or develop wastewater treatment facilities
  • Subject to Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act

4. Why the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer?

  • Availability of sustainable quantities 
  • Reliable - not subject to major fluctuations in drought
  • Proximity - closest source in sufficient quantity
  • Good water quality - extensive treatment is not required 
  • Mutual benefit - water sales will benefit local farmers over Carrizo without impact local supplies or wildlife 

5. What is Alliance Water's timing? 

  • Share existing supplies among members as long as possible, at least until 2018, possibly into early 2020s
  • Develop a 10-MGD project by 2018
  • Develop an additional 20-MGD supply by 2032

6. What are the steps in the process? 

  • Alliance Water (formerly the HCPUA) agreement ratified among participants in 2007, and plan developed
  • Water leases negotiated with landowners over Carrizo-Wilcox on "willing buyer, willing seller" basis, then permitted through local groundwater district, with large-scale permits approved in late 2012
  • Additional leases may be negotiated/permitted later, if needed
  • Participants implement water sharing agreement in 2013 to postpone the need for pipeline construction and water importation
  • Construct well field
  • Construct approximately 45-mile pipeline with a treatment facility and two booster pump stations 


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